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Our new Multi-Gateway now with some stunning features

Our gateways support all common fieldbuses, different cloud platforms and almost all processor architectures.

Responsive Layout

The integrated Weberver enables the gateway to be monitored, even remotely via VPN. The integrated dashboard enables quick troubleshooting and control of all important process values.

Easy to Customize

Intuitive set-up without programming knowledge, including step-by-step documentation. Preconfigured on request and ready for immediate use.

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Renewable Energy projects
Smart building projects
Factory Automation projects
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are software developers who specialize in IoT projects and we are happy to support you in integrating them into your desired hardware. Our software has a modular structure and is ultimately tailored to your needs.
Our IoT software solutions are platform-independent. All common processors and operating systems are supported. We would be happy to talk to you and we will assist you in choosing the most affordable hardware.
Our opinion is that there is no hardware that is equally suitable for all areas of application. This depends on the environmental conditions of the installation and the bus systems and protocols to be supported. This is why our software solutions are also modular in order to only install the software packages that are actually needed. Of course, these can be expanded afterwards.
Our IoT software products allow data to be exchanged with all common IoT platforms. No matter from AWS, Azure, Google or Thingsboard. However, we have some special features that are tailored to Thingsboard. We are happy to support you in setting up your cloud platform.