Custom mobile App development

Mobile App development for IoT and Industry 4.0

Platform Independent

For iOS and Android

We create apps for iOS and Android devices and allow access to all common cloud platforms


Notifications in the event of an error are standard for all common IoT and Industry 4.0 platforms. We will forward this to your app, which will notify you via push notification


Google Play store and Apple App store

Upon request, we will publish your app in the Google Play store and in the Apple App store

Amazon Alexa
Google Home

Skills for Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Connection of Amazon Alexa and Google Home to your preferred cloud platform

Collibellex App

App for Thingsboard

The Collibellex app has been specially developed for connection to Thingsboard and allows you to monitor and operate your Thingsboard devices via the app in just a few minutes.


Wearables are becoming more and more important. The use of wearables can significantly increase the effectiveness of IoT applications and shorten the response time to malfunctions